Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good Bye Nepal

Life: ups and downs; love and loneliness; laughter and tear; hello and goodbye! A dream to futher my knowledge in my field is about to become reality: a happy moment for sure but not without tears for leaving my family and friends here.

Although to many of my friends it may look so sudden and fast, it definitely was a long way. GRE, TOEFL, University search, Visa and what not! So many what and how to's. Thanks to seniors, and the revolutionary internet: really it would have been a lot lot lot lot more harder without the internet. I can't imagine applying to any university without the internet.

I am having a mixed feeling right now. On one hand I am indeed happy that I will be getting higher degree from one of the US university which is accredited all over the world, and on the others I have to live without my family nearby who are so much loving and caring.

How will be the classes there? How will be my interactions with professors? How will be my performance in my studies? Will it be hard to adopt to the new society and culture? How will I feel when I return back home after my studies? So many questions and so many uncertainities!

One of the best thing I have learned recently is that one should keep oneself busy (definitely in positive works). Sometimes I used to take leave in my office due to some personal works and during the daytime, everytime I look out of my window, I used to see few (adult) faces looking out of the windows of other houses and doing nothing. I used to (and still do) feel sorry about them. They are wasting most precious time of their life without being productive, come on its time to do something for ourself and for the nation. Start a new business, read newspapers, do some exercise, do some research over internet but why to waste the valuable time doing nothing?

Another thing I have learned is the need of entrepreneurship. Once while listening to a program in BBC radio they were sharing stories of how Banglore became a centre of IT now. One of the lines from the program went somewhat like: "For the first time people out there started to think to establish their own new business instead of jobs with better salaries and this was the beginning of the new era for Banglore." I believe that was among the few stories which struck my mind hard with the feeling of being entrepreneur and knowledge of management is a must for that. I even thought of switching to MBA from BE Civil but I really didn't wanted to waste my civil engineering knowledge and "Construction Management" was definitely a great choice for me (maybe "Project Management" would have been better).

Arghhh! Maybe I am deviating from the topic but sometimes I just write without any exact direction and the article flows from anywhere to everywhere.

I would like to beg sorry to all my friends who I couln't manage to meet with because of limited amount of time available for my first international air trip. Indeed things at the end went so fast and I wanted to taste the fun of the new year at Vegas, you know those fireworks!

I was actually thinking of applying for Fall 2012 but suddenly I got positive response from UNLV and I couln't stop applying for Spring 2012, result: I had to rush for everything. Rush for application, rush for GRE, rush for TOEFL, rush for I-20, rush for Visa, rush for Ticket.... I got my I-20 so late (December second week) that if I don't want to miss the new year at Vegas, I had to do everything so fast and quick and guess what I did it, I think I did it quite nicely :) but definitely it actually meant that I couldn't even manage to meet my best friends and give them some treat (oh you guys love alcohol, don't you?). What would you guys expect, I had my visa intervew in 19th December (the strike day unfortunately), got the visa in 21st December and my brother was getting married in 22nd of the month and I wanted to reach before 31st: a week is all I had for all the shoppings, tickets, gatherings and all. I am really sorry for that again, I had no choice. At least I managed to meet two out of six circles of my firends. I called all my thimi ESGB (Engineering Students Group of Bhaktapur) close friends including seniors as well as juniors (Ram Chakradhar, Bimal Shakya, Anil Prajapati and Minesh Shrestha) to give them cards two days before my brothers marraige and the meeting turned into a treat. And today I was doing shopping whole day and finally met my good old day school friends (as per their plan). Unfortunately I was about two hours late :) . Thank god they waited me :-)! Despite my desire, I couldn't meet with my college friends nor with MES (Madhyapur Engineering Society) guys nor could give separate treat to my colleagues at Softwel and Aviyaan nor meet ESGB and Khwopa friends from Bhaktapur; my brothers marriage party became the substitute for the treat and last meeting with lots of my friends. With stone in my heart, I will be calling them tomorrow (ahhh its 1:24AM now so it would actually be today) and saying my last goodbye words to them from the call. I am not sure if any of my busy engineer friends have time to meet me for the departure at airport but two of my best of the best school friends would definitely accompany me in the last day.
It feels so different and so unusual. At very least my abroad study would mean more learning, more experience, more how to live independently and so on and so forth but I would expect this journey to change my whole life as my previous accomplishments has done (you know the never expected science study at high school and never expected engineering study at undergraduate/bachelors level).

With all that I believe this would be my last post for a while from Nepal, expect more posts from me from Vegas especially the abroad study experience. I am definitely gonna miss my beautiful country, Nepal. Thank you all for reading.

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