Hello, I am Joseph K. Shrestha from Bhaktapur district of a small landlocked country - Nepal. I hope you have heard about the country before; if not let me write a little about my country first. Nepal is the  country where highest peak of the world - Mount Everest shines; the country where Light of Asia - Lord Buddha - was born, a country south to China and north from India. Want to know more about Nepal? Then read more at one of my blog post here.

Now let me write a bit about my own history now. I was born in mid 80s as the youngest child of a middle class family. I got lots of love and support from my family, probably for being the youngest, or probably because I was an obedient son, or probably because of both. Probably for the same reason, I learned less about the real world.


I started my schooling in early 90s in a government school named Janak Siddhikali Ma Vi Chapacho. Study wasn't big deal there, it was fairly easy to get good scores in exams and my performance was getting better every year. I reached upto second in rank in my class but never first - probably because I didn't care much!

I never thought that someday I would study science in high school. Science was supposed to be expensive hobby in one hand and tough subject on the others. But I was the youngest child of my parents plus a hardworking guy, what do you expect? Those two facts coupled with impressive science teacher at my middle school school (who started teaching us since 8th grade, I guess) led me to study science in high school in a high school ran by Bhaktapur Municipality - Khwopa Higher Secondary School. Those high school days were the best days for my studies. I have to face number of new challenges like I have to study everything in English and so forth. I won't lie - it was very tough at first. But I did my best and my hard work definitely paid me off.

Again, I never thought I would study Engineering after completing high school. It would be darn expensive and it would be darn hard to get accepted college of my choice. Students from all over the country apply to get admitted in Pulchowk Campus. We have to take an entrance exam which was primary factors deciding our admission. Most of those students taking entrance exam do take some type of exam preparation class from different couching institutes. I wasn't one of those. But, as you might have guessed or known I got admitted despite the tough competition. But that's not all. I was one among less than a hundred student who not only got admitted but also got financial aid.

Sometimes I want to thank God that I chose Civil Engineering rather than any other Engineering (other times, I regret I didn't became Computer Engineer :) ). First reason for me to choose Civil Engineering was the fact that it was best for developing countries like Nepal. There was lots of undergoing development activities and it was supposed to be easy to find jobs as a Civil Engineers as compared to any other field of Engineering. And yes, it was kind of true as per my experience as well. Couple of months after my graduation, my friends from other Engineering were having hard time finding job but I was already employed. So I think I made a right choice!

As of 2013, I am student of Civil Engineering with concentration in Construction Management at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA. Till my high school, I never thought I would study abroad but things changed - the lure of getting better degree and definitely having a better future.

Extra Curricular Activities:

It may sound awkward but I barely do any sports. Soccer is the game I played most when I was a kid; I don't know why I stopped playing it all of the sudden. I didn't participate much in other extra activities in my middle school. Probably because I always give others the first chance coupled with the fact that my school barely organizes many extra curricular activities. My high school was even worse at organizing extra curricular activities: almost nothing - no games, no picnics, no programs... Undergraduate college was a bit different: Trainings, picnics, blood donation, regional groups, welcome and farewell parties, exhibitions..... Hmmm, life was different there.

During my undergraduate studies, I got obsessed with a thing called computer :). Really something worth having, a friend for doing Engineering as well as other tasks. Who would have thought that Bible can be saved inside small microSD card or the fact that we can communicate with friends living in another corner of the earth that easy. I wanted to deepen my knowledge about computers and hence I started learning web programming on my own - HTML and PHP - despite being a student of Civil Engineering. Later after my study, I joined an engineering software development company - Softwel (P.) Ltd.. While working there, I learned VB.net as well as VB C# and a little bit of Qt/C++.

About the Website:

As I have mentioned above, I started learning web programming since my undergraduate studies. Initially I created some static web pages from site builder websites, later developed HTML coded websites. Yet my thirst of computer knowledge was not fulfilled. Finally, during my vacation for constitutional election in 2008, I started creating my own dynamic website using PHP and MySQL. With those web programming languages I created my own PHP forum website. But I didn't have much time to improve the codes so I switched to phpBB forum and then to combination of phpBB plus Drupal. I hosted all those websites in random free hosting websites like zymic.com. At the end, I lost all of my stuffs because those random hosts were not reliable enough :). Now that I don't have much time to maintain website, nor time to code, I switched to Blogspot. Blogspot is easy and it is a service from Google - which means very good uptime, reliable and continuous innovation. However, downside of Blogspot is it is very limited.

Over the time this page has undergone several modifications and every time I modify it, I realized how bad my English writing was (and still is).


Finally if you want to reach me for any reason, emailing at admin[dot]shresthakp[at]gmail[dot]com or by following me in twitter or by commenting in any of the post.

Let Engineers Engineer the World

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  1. Ya, I remember these days when I used to visit this site to jnow about how to, gadgets etc. It was the time when I was in grade 9 and had just started using Internet via ncell, the then mero mobile . I just remeber the site name today....and after years I am back here to comment


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