Friday, February 17, 2012

Possible Future Posts

I don't really have much time and I can't write a good post in short time so I will be posting several possible titles for posts. Later when I have time, I will be writing full posts for those topics.

  1. The Anomalies in USA (Units, Right hand sided driving, date format etc.)
  2. Empty streets
  3. Buses run empty here, yet at designated time. Only few dares or cares or can ride motorcycle. Guess what? Almost all adults have a car.
  4. The Credit is the future
  5. Prices of oil/gas rises automatically, people pay it quietly.
  6. Americans are a lot friendlier that what you might have guessed.
  7. University has lots of bodies and each has a web site, if you want to read all the information available in university website then you would need few years or few months at best :)
  8. TAX is not included in the price you have to pay 8.10 percent in the price
  9. How much does the text book costs?
  10. Why we have only one day as a weekend each week? Lots of other holidays, holiday shifts here.
  11. Very clean floor and covers all over the floor of the class room
  12. Very expensive network providers and yet not so good coverage
  13. Why restrooms have space at the bottom?
  14. How expensive is it to live here? Apartment cost, cost for eating etc
  15. Universities here, what's the difference, professors got the power and they use it the way they want!
  16. Superfast internet here (serveral Mbps in genereal), is the speed utilized fully? What about the cost, is it expensive?
  17. Time, time, time! Where have you gone? Everything is scheduled here, my calendar is filled with events, finally PIMs of mobile are coming very handy.
  18. Nevada, a desert has a continuous water supply while Nepal, a second in rank for water resources per capita has intermittent water suppply in most of the places!
  19. Calling home? Ask you family to call here instead or even better do a skype or yahoo video call
  20. Are you GA? How many hours are you likely to need to spend for you GAship? Coming without GA or scholarship? I suggest to step back.
  21. Getting the ticket for your first flight
  22. What to bring here if you are coming here?
  23. The fun of travelling, including the transit hours.
  24. How are the classes different here?
  25. Learn to answer "What's up?" and "How's it going?"
  26. American university == unique buildings
  27. The pronunciation difference G vs Z and S vs H!
  28. Time to move to cloud? Google docs, skydrive, facebook all can help you synchronize files between office pc and your laptop.
  29. Are you kidding? Not only that university students don't wear uniform but same is the case for school kids!
  30. Best thing about American's is they are able to live independently after high school.
  31. The "Rule of Majority" and the 85th percentile speed to set speed limit vs. design speed that is still used as basis for setting speed limit in developing countries.

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