Friday, February 17, 2012

Possible Future Posts

I don't really have much time and I can't write a good post in short time so I will be posting several possible titles for posts. Later when I have time, I will be writing full posts for those topics.

  1. The Anomalies in USA (Units, Right hand sided driving, date format etc.)
  2. Empty streets
  3. Buses run empty here, yet at designated time. Only few dares or cares or can ride motorcycle. Guess what? Almost all adults have a car.
  4. The Credit is the future

Saturday, February 11, 2012

From Kathmandu, Nepal to Las Vegas, USA: the flight experience

(This post is really a kind of draft. I am not good at writing concise articles covering whole lot of things in short time and I don't have time to write multiple posts for the experience sharing or to write it with better flow.)

And finally, after a long wait it was time to fly: from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu to McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas. The dream of studying abroad was becoming true: from test and university search to I-20 and visa, all the processing was completed and I was ready learn more about international flights.

Due to some circumstances I was in hurry to take earliest possible flight and I had very less time for shopping and party and learning more about international flight. It was my first international flight and I didn't know much about how things works there. But nothing was that hard and even illiterates were able to fly abroad, so why shouldn't I? Yet one might have doubts about the process involved in the international flight. So I am here to share some of the things that I think might be useful to first time international travelers via air.

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