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[How to] Getting a driving license from bagmati zone of Nepal

Its about a year since I got my driving license and at that time I wrote this article and hence the contents of the article might be a bit outdated and there may be few changes in the process meanwhile. So this how to guide should give you some idea about how to get driving license rather that accurate information. So ready to get your first license?

After I tried to get license, I came to know why the traffic jam in the valley is increasing so rapidly. Whatever, if you want to get driving license from Bagmati Zone, then follow me.

What do you need?

  • Citizenship and 2 photo copies
  • About NRs 1000
  • 3 passport size photos
  • 2 auto size photos
  • Blood group report and its photo copy if you have. If you don't have blood group report they provide you a blood group check service as well.


Where to go first?

From recent time you have to goto "Yatayat Bewastha Karyalaya" which is located in between Ekantakuna and Kusunti of ring road.


Caution first!

Remember not to buy anything or do anything except inside the boundary of the office. There are bunch of thugs everywhere! I wonder its not only about a hundreds of people government have employed but hundreds of more have been unofficially employed or at least are earning from the office.


Day One!

  • There as two gates, take to one which leads to new building, one near Lalitpur Municipality. Get two forms from a single floored building just inside the gate which costs NRs. 2. Fill out the form. There's no complicated stuffs, just name, citizenship number, passport number, address etc etc and three boxes for three passport sized photos. Goto another gate, one near the old building and just inside the gate you can buy tickets which costs NRs. 10 for blood group check (not required if you already have blood group report) and NRs 30 for health check. Goto back side of the old building and you will see a health checkup room (sorry can't remember the room number). You will be pinched in your finger with needle to check the blood group and a person will stare at you for few seconds (thats what is heath check) that's etc. They will sign the papers and mark whatever they want. Note that if you have blood group report then you don't need to waste NRs. 10, just get a photo copy of the report/certificate. You can donate blood if you want to get free report, :-) ! Now all you have is two filled out forms, Copy of citizenship along with the original and photocopy of the blood group report.
  • Time to wait in the queue. Stand in queue of room number 3. Get your data entered in computer.
  • Now goto room number 7 and pay NRs. 200 as Rajaswa (kind of tax). Get a bill.
  • Goto room number 6 and submit your documents along with bill. You will get your original citizenship and a entry form (with a time for written test) back, rest goes to office.


Day Two

  • Make sure you reach the office in the allocated time (which ranges from 7am to 9 am I guess). Take a written exam, if you are, say, high school or college student of any faculty it won't be hard to answer around 5 to 7 traffic related questions correctly without reading any preparation book but you have to get 10 correct answers out of 20. With those books already read thoroughly or cursory, you can answer sufficient answers correctly to pass the exam but there's no way you can get 20 out of 20 even though you read the book and remember all the data, but again it doesn't matter how many questions you answer correctly what really matters is if it exceeds 9, or if it is less that 10. You will get 30 minutes to answer (just objective questions, tick on the correct box and its done) those 20 questions. Make sure you don't double tick any question, there should be nothing in rest of box except a tick in one of the four box. Remember to count total number of correct answers you think you have answered. If count exceeds 10 for definitely correct answer then you don't need to check the result at 3pm else....


Day Three

  • Time for trial. But before you begin, try your luck and play a bit in trial zones, I mean those unregistered (which would actually be illegal) training centres. Don't worry you will find one, if not there's one at Jawalakhel at Irrigation department. Now If you are getting license for bike then goto Sajha Yatayat office at Pulchowk, Lalitpur else rush to Salt Trading near Sinha Darbar. Get your vehicle in queue and meanwhile get your entry card back by showing the bill. Wait for your turn, make sure you are in correct queue. When its your turn you have to submit it back. There are 5 rods to cross with a larger spacing than one you have tried in practice area. Just pass through those and get your entry card back but this time it would be signed by them. Hmmm! all exams over, now back to Yatayat Office again. Goto room no 6, then to room no 5 to say NRs. 700 who will also provide you a license but empty one, :-) You have to fill it by typing and how will we do that? Pay NRs. 50 (I paid NRs. 40, you can bargain with those guys) outside the boundary where you see lots of typewriters (As per my friend Dinesh now names are printed right from the office and hence no need to look outside). They will fill it all. Attach a copy of citizenship, bill of the NRs. 700 and two auto size photos, one stuck in card another stitched in the bundle. Submit those documents in first floor room number 5 and get a time when you will get license. And get it the day and time it says you to get. Laminate it where you paid NRs. 50 for typing and laminating. All done start riding! Roar on the road with your vehicle.

A Quick Note

  • Everywhere there are helpers or thugs; if you are having trouble doing anything then they are helper but if you can do those things I've mentioned yourself then they are thugs for you. Even if you don't know anything then they will help you all but you have to pay. For example pay around 25 rupees and get a form from outside, they will fill it all by themself, make the documents ready to submit. The 5 rupees ticket (postal ticket) costs 6 rupees. If you got later that 1:30 to submit the document there will be one asking indirectly for money and who claims he can submit it today. You don't need to check the result of written test, just ask someone out there to check and phone you about the result. Ops! There's a sms service to know the result but it doesn't works well as per the officers. You can get a bike or scooter from those institutes if you don't have one and so forth. Even more you don't need to pass any of exams if you don't think you. You have to prearrange stuffs, hmmm around 3500 extra is what I have heard but be careful cause there are liers who may get your money and do nothing in turn or maybe the license they give would be fake one. Whatever the case be cautious.

That's all you need to know to get driving license here in Bagmati zone of Nepal! Have a nice ride.


  1. is that is still same not change yet ?

  2. its not the same now
    everythings has changed

  3. If fail when we can give exam. I heard that we don't ha 've to wait for 3 month is it true

    1. You have to wait 3 months.. Cards are printed by department itself..

  4. how to know the results of written exam

  5. Where is full article?

  6. at what no we can know our written exam result by sending sms

  7. How can i get a form online for license?

    1. It has not yet been can get the form outside of DOTM

  8. how to know trial result of bagmati zone

  9. Enter your comment...I m from Kathmandu I 've learnt to drive the motorbike bt not so perfectly and yet not given trials for license I want to take license as soon as possible plz suggest me the easiest way to get license

  10. I m from Kathmandu I 've learnt to drive the motorbike bt not so perfectly and yet not given trials for license I want to take license as soon as possible plz suggest me the easiest way to get license

  11. Enter your to know the Written result

  12. how i get my old licence record? 2063

  13. i am fail in written test do i have to wait for 3 months or not

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

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