Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nepal, a country with great potentials

Nepal is the same country where highest peak of the world that is Mount Everest lies, the same country where Light of Asia, Lord Buddha was born, a country south to China and north from India. I am sure you have heard about at least one of them, both countries have rapidly growing economy (2011) and China may just become largest economy of the world soon.

Nepal is culturally and naturally rich. People follow different religion, has their own culture, lives differently and so forth. Nepal has unbelievably varying topography, it has highest peak of the world as already mentioned and low land as low as 60m high from mean sea level. It has great potential in hydro power as well as becoming transition point for trade between India and China, lets not neglect the tourism potential. Who knows it may soon become ultimate destination for tourists from around the globe.
One may get surprised to know that Nepal comes second in the rank in terms of water resources after Brazil. How come such a small country with 147181 sq km can be second richest country in terms of water resource? Stop getting surprised, its per capita based result meaning its water resource available per Nepali. It has got almost 30 million population by now (2011) and its still increasing.
There are some exemplary countries whose economy depends heavily on the fact that it is a trade center of other countries and Nepal should learn something from those countries, especially those who are in policy making level should acknowledge it. Unfortunately many politicians are not even well educated (Argument here, :) I guess). Being a landlocked developing country with varying topography, road network is ultimate choice for short to long distance for most of Nepalese. Yes there is no better alternative in Nepalese context; air transportation is expensive, railways won't be feasible everywhere and possibility of water transportation is almost negligible. There are so many roads still to be planned, designed and constructed, still lots of roads to be extended. Arghh, we already face traffic jams in many places of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, result of high centralization, history of civil war, unplanned and unmanaged urbanization and weak implementation of the policies.
So sad is the presence but I believe the future is bright. Have any opinion about Nepal, please do write comment below!

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