Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nepali Calendar aka nepcal 0.1.0 for Maemo 5

Did you ever wished to get Nepali Calendar for your Maemo based N900? If yes you came to right place. Now get Nepali calendar right in your Maemo OS based N900, no need to use websites (its offline app), no need to check wall calendar, no need to ask anybody. So what exactly is Nepali Calendar?

Nepali Calendar (nepcal) is a simple application to display Bikram Samabat calendar system. Bikram Sambat is a calendar system followed in Nepal just like AD in USA, Europe and many other countries. Nepal Sambat has been declared as official Nepali Calendar system while Bikram Sambat is still in actual use.


  • Nepali month view,
  • Easy navigation between months and years straight from main view using Previous Month ( < Month), Next Month (Month >), Previous Year (< Year), Next year (Year >),
  • Displayed Month, Year as well as current date are displayed right in the main view,
  • Goto month corresponding to today,
  • Option to choose if only days of current month is to be displayed or days of current as well as neighboring months are to be displayed,
  • Option to show or hide English date,
  • Option to goto certain English or Nepali date,
  • Option to convert Nepali date to English and vice versa,
  • Option to choose Nepali Interface (Restarting program required for complete language switch),
  • Persistent storage of preferences (unlike in previous versions),
  • Experimental portrait view: if program loads at forced rotation on in cssu then it will fit portrait mode else it will fit in landscape but in either case it won't look nice in other mode,


  • No English month view
  • Available data is from 2064 to 2075 (you can add data yourself see /home/user/.NepaliCalendar/nepCal.dta file to add more data, if anybody is interested then do help me compiling more data),
  • No auto rotation of the program,
  • Tithis are out of my knowledge so no tithis in the calendar


There were few instances where I desperately needed Nepali Date but I have no choice but to use slow gprs of Nepal Telecom. There was a j2me app to display Nepali Calendar but it didn't even loaded in micro emulator inside n900. I even tried to tweak multi-date-cal widget based on python without success. So I was left with no choice but to develop my own calendar application. Thanks for reading, most probably this app won't be of much use for people other than Nepalese although if calendar system in your country is also different then you can modify the data and use it for your own calendar system.

Version History:

 nepcal 0.0.1
  • Initial release,
  • Displays today's date in a simple label widget,
  • Never released for public

nepcal 0.0.2
  • Added feature: Displays calendar form in table,
  • Added feature: Can browse through months and years,
  • Displays today's date in small label aside

nepcal 0.0.3
  • Added feature: Goto Today in Menu,
  • Added feature: Show / Hide English Date and Days of previous and next month,
  • Added feature: Highlight today and same day of other months,
  • Added: About and About QT,
  • Added feature: Showing current Nepali and English month being displayed at top,
  • User data file if kept in the same folder as nepcal executables, is read but it still needs modifications since all data are not read from datafile,
  • Trim text is used and probably there won't be any error because of the whitespace in datafile,
  • Change: Redesigned UI,
  • Bug fix: Some months were skipped while browsing through months

nepcal 0.1.0
  • First major release
  • Almost complete rewrite of the program,
  • Added data limit check for upper range,
  • Full data file format so that user can use their own data file in case default one comes to be erroreneous (file nepCal.dta should be kept in /home/usr/.NepaliCalendar/),
  • Settings are now saved and hence is persistant,
  • Added Nepali Interface option,
  • Added date convertor from Nepali to English and vice versa,
  • Added goto Nepali or English Date
  • Only today or converted date is highlighted (I thought that would be better choice than same day of all months)
  • Debug messages in x-term



  • I believe all my important to do list are completed, now only minor unimportant things are left which I am not much interested in or don't know how to do it.

 TODO LIST(UNIMPORTANT) (I have no idea how those things can be done or those features are not much required)

  • Shortcuts doesn't work (eg Ctrl+T) in maemo while it works in desktop
  • Status menu applet or desktop widget version-somewhat interested but no idea how to do those things
  • Display numbers in Nepali as well
  • Showing English dates in subscript instead of in bracket-seems impossible to me
  • Easy navigation for months and years using checkbox or whatever (Since we already have goto date this seems unnecessary)
  • Disable column resize (I have tried it for quite some time without success plus its not quite important)
  • Cute Interface and portrait mode support (Seems like I am bad in coding and too bad in UI design)
  • English month view as major view and hence Nepali Date in bracket


  • Check the data of 2066 BS: days in Falgun and Chaitra are 29 and 31 respectively in my data while Nepali Calendar by Poudel and Poudel (one which shows green widget in win oses) shows those to be 30 and 30. Any reference as well as verification will be appreciated regarding those months. And yes thanks to Ishwori Kandel for providing me those data.
  • I think I am done with Nepali Calendar, this version seems to work well as well as feature rich engough. I have GRE to prepare for and I am kind of wasting my precious time developing this application. So don't expect newer versions (sooner or later) except if there are major flaw in the system which I might take a look at and replease minor patched versions. Another reason being this app is useful only to handful of peoples, might release symbian version some day.
  • Application needs to be run as root as in other case the application can not save its configuration file.

Latest version 0.1.0 is in devel now. Usual warning applies if you want to try anything from devel. Alternately you can get the package from here in zip format. Remember you need rootsh plus qt library installed in your mobile to get it working.


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