Monday, May 30, 2011

Three day Irrigation Tour, a flashback

Presenting a partially modified version of diary I wrote during three day irrigation tour of 3rd year second part, there might be some mistakes which I will try to edit later.

13th July, 2009 or Day One

Here in Nepal, the journey, I think always begins with Nepali time. If you don't know what Nepali times means or confused then note that its not the Nepal Standard Time (NST) that I am talking about, if we say Nepali time then its a way of saying late start than the predetermined or routined time. Most of the time guys from hostel comes later than prescheduled time while guys like me far away from college manage to reach the college by time. I don't know what the hell happens with the guys from hostel that they just manage to wake up when the bus should have moved already. Whatever! Lets continue the story. So are you ready to move forward? So I must say most of the times we move through the same road that is college to Kalanki, then to Naubise, then Gajuri, Malekhu, Krishna Bhir, Qurintar, Muglin which all falls into Tribhuwan highway.. I think its third time we are using this highway. First for Malekhu tour (Geology tour), second for India tour and now for irrigation tour. So while having our journey we alway have a short break for making water. So now at around 11, I guess, we had breakfast at Malekhu. Later we had lunch at Narayanghat. Finally at around 4:30 pm we reached Ghantaghar. Ghantaghar is one of the best tourism destination of Birgunj. There's nothing special to visit other than that. After that we went to Raxaul. I must say at every boarder area I see drastic changes in their region and our region. While entering their area, its a market for Nepalese and more pollution, more traffic... And a chance that we may be deceived by the Indians. Every time I see the boarder I feel the boarder been shifted by them towards us and much more. Ok lets move towards the main topic. So we went to Raxaul, have some shopings, I thought of buying more stuffs but due to lack of time I got chance to buying a emergency lamp only. Some guys got umbrella's, some got vest, some got Sandles.... So that was my second India visit, a short one though. So we came back to Birgunj after that. It was already dark and soon after going to Welcome Lodge (where we stayed) we came out searching for dinner. So we got dinner for 30rs which was cheap in deed while some of my friends have to say 75rs. That night we had curd and was ok to taste. Oh that might! As always we never slept easy, guys had some soft drinks and was first reason for late sleep, while as a consequence, we were talking and laughing and tearing for hours before sleeping. Ok I think I really got sleep at 1am, and so sad that we have to get up and catch our cup by 5am. That means possibly 4hrs of sleep. Oops that's to less for me.

Day Two

So the journey begin to Hetauda, it was supposed to start at 5 on the morning but as usual we got it late and so the journey begin at around 6:30. We take few shots at block tower of Birganj sub metropolitan city. It wasn't that much impressive or tourist area but as we heard if you want to see something in Birgunj its the same block tower. I will try to attach some shots from there. Ok we started our journey with empty belly. Ok its 8am and we reached Chandranighapur. Its a little market area for targeting the travellers probably. We had some Samosha Tarkaris and mangoes as breakfast. The mangoes were quite test, ummmh really mouth watering. So we started moving towards Bagmati Irrigation Project after breakfast. It was a massive structure, telling you the truth, I didn't understood much about the project but it was a big structure with bypass channel for overflow. We checked the control room and generator room for electricity back up for operation of barrage opening and closing system. The generator is huge and consumer tens of litres of oil per hour. The main operation of the control is to open any close the barrage opening mechanically by knowing the water level at each barrage door and so on.. The main bottoms for each doors were, raise, lower, stop and crack. Others should be understood while crack is little different and is to lower or raise(really confused if it were only for raising) the door by 15cm. The difference with raise and lower is the raise and lower is gradual till we stop while crack continues till it exceeds the amount stated before. After that we move towards another destination that is Bhalodiya Branch Canal. It is the, say joint, of main and branch canal. One was major canal with a barrage to accumulate flow for branch canal while there is also a barrage for minor canal to control the flow to branch canal. After that we saw some more cross drainage structure, some more invested syrin and so on. That was not quite a good day. Oh I think it was 40c temperature while we were walking endlessly here and there after few minutes of travelling through bus. Whatever today is a main day to learn but is probably a day when I gained quite a less knowledge. Once I just thought that its somewhat useless trouble, got walk in a got weather, as he sun was stabbing us with their rays penetrating our whole body. We could gain sufficient knowledge just by watching an hour long video. Though I must say that I could have learnt a lot from the tour if I wished to or say if I tried to. Whatever, I know I am ruining my study and the most probable reason I see right now is mobile. From no mobile to 8250, a basic phone of last century probably, then to advanced java phone 3110c, then to a legendary symbian phone of a time 3230(for quite a short period of time), then 6260, another stylish symbian v2, then my first v3 phone n73 and right now legendary phone n82, which I preferred over so called king n95. Oh gosh, what a long list of phone, what a love with phones, nokia claims their n series as a multimedia computers. Damn phones which is trying to ruin my career and I am standing watching it just following the path to destruction. And with each upgrade to my multimedia pocket computer I am downgrading my level of intelligence, my level of skill, my level of performance. No way I should have let it do that but still no way I could stop it. Oh gosh, my career, my plans for further study, I don't see any good signs over the part year. Oh again I an out of track. Actually once I wrote a short story or whatever you call it, but never dared to publish it. Oh why should I miss the joda, jodi issues. One interesting fact was there were 7 guys and 7 girls in the same hotel, I remember my school teacher (Bal Mukunda), counting number of guys and girls to check the good pairing. Oh that old school days, golden days to become top 5 students of class without having much labour. And oh my golden days of plus two, where I dare to study each and every pages of text or say whole coarse for preparing exams. But one thing I must say I never preferred remember and write way instead of understand and write way and its probably because of the my mind which never tries or may be can't remember things without having a little deep knowledge about it. For now I feel the practice is what I am lacking, I mean if I can't get tuid coarse in whole remistes how can I possibly think of getting it in three days of exam gap. And no I don't even give the three days to a subject, a day and a might is what I have to most of the exams of last semester. Damn sometimes I think of throwing my mobile ash. By the way, to one of my friend(lets not take name, its a matter of ethics) who mockingly told me that probably I beg my parent for each set I buy, and no is the answer. Mobile is currently only one thing I am interested about. A computer software was a part and web programming is still a little of my interest.

Day Three

Oh shit, my interests, my field, one possibility is that I rejected my field of interest which is electronics at that time so now is the result. Can't say I felt much that way during 1st and 2nd year but now, oh my life is totally f**ked up. Ok lets forget these things for now. We went to Hetauda, in order to go back home and...
Oh how did I fail to mention the joda jodi stuff previously, people are correct to say guff and canals can be headed anywhere. Ok lets continue that issue for a while. i won't go goto detail, nor would be better to write in such a public blog. Ok if you are my class mate or even my faculty and year colleague then you definately know the first joda jodi of the class and when did it start probably before joining IOE, that is preparation class at PEA. Oh their adas, actions and... Famous all over the class and around. So after that we saw more joda, jodis in association with section AB or section CD standalone and finally one amazing joda jodi which is quite a got issue at the moment. Its increasing ... After marriage. So you know it well if you are familiar with section CD. Wow section CD, ummh I created a very simple site years back and rarely updated it afterward. And you know how the seccd could pronounce like, its sec C D or say sexy d. Oops but there are not much sexy guys out in section D. Hahaha just kidding, just don't mind about it. Actually I was writing this blog in my mobile while I am heading towards hetauda. Whatever! F**k there stuffs for now. If the guys who are involved in this story are reading this post before we are out of college life then.. Ummh some of them may not even care about it while other may take it seriously. At last this post may even change their life.

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